MMC specializes in health care start-ups, revivals and expansions. Through our industry experience and strategic planning, we can help you achieve your goals while seamlessly running your practice. 


The world of cosmetic surgery and medical aesthetics is a revolutionary industry to be involved, for many promising long-term financial success. Whether you are just graduating medical school or looking to venture out on your own, we can provide you with the platform for a successful practice. 

 Practice Revival

From Beverly Hills to New York, cosmetic surgery and aesthetics is a rapidly growing industry with a large market for competition. As more competitors enter, it is important that you create and maintain a unique edge that will make you an industry leader. We can help you to achieve this, and bring your practice back to life. 


Whether you are looking to add aesthetics to your existing practice, or add new services and grow, we can provide you with the tools you need to successfully cover all of your bases. 

A well oiled machine is the key to success...


Whether you are a clinician or an investor, MMC can help you to start-up your aesthetic or cosmetic practice. Our industry knowledge will advance you to the status of a seasoned competitor and our services will eliminate the headaches associated with starting your own business. Many of our clients will benefit from the following services:

  • Concept Creation                       
  • Legal Requirements
  • Market Analysis                                    
  • Business Plan and Organization
  • Services, Products & Pricing                  
  • Human Resources
  • Patient Retention
  • Marketing & Brand Development                                   
  • Financial Analysis
  • Strategic Planning                                 

You have to look at the competition and say you are going to do it differently...


An in depth consultation will help you to determine where your practice needs oxygen and assist you in providing the highest quality care and industry leading techniques to set you apart from the rest. Some of our services include:

  • Organization Branding                
  •  HIPAA Compliant Upgrades
  • EMR Implementation                             
  • Private Label Creation
  • Scheduling Efficiency                
  • Technology advances                                 
  • Patient Retention                                          
  • Pricing Analysis  



It always seems impossible until it is done...


Many medical practice owners will come to the point when they decide it is time to grow. It may seem like too big of a task to take on, but our experience will guide you in making your vision become reality. Past clients have used MMC to:

  • Grow the aesthetic practice
  • Expand to a new service area
  • Develop a franchise
  • Cater to a new demographic
  • Offer new services and treatment options
  • Create surgical package branding